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Activitatea didactică continuă online! Detalii în secțiunea Orar!

We continue online! Details in Timetabling section

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca                                                                            Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire Cluj-Napoca

Activitățile didactice de curs continuă online. Vă rugăm verificați secțiunea Orar pentru programarea cursurilor pentru fiecare an! Structura anului universitar a fost actualizată!- detalii în secțiunea Informatii utile Our activity continues online. Please check the lecture timetabling on the "Timetable" section! The structure of the academic year has been updated! Check the details in the Informatii utile section!


Work and travel

25 Octombrie de la ora 17 la 18 in Aula Magna Mihai Serban a USAMV Cluj-Napoca va avea loc prezentarea

Work and Travel: Career Development for Veterinary and Animal Science Students in USA

in colaborare cu Universitatea din Purdue, Indiana, SUA
Pentru studentii veterinari si zootehnisti se ofera urmatoarele oportunitati:
1. Animal/Livestock Management Assistant: Students will work on a privately-owned animal production farm to gain entry-level, hands-on experiences with beef or dairy cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep or poultry. Students will gain knowledge and practical experience in facilities design, barn sanitation, breeding, feeding, health care, animal management and marketing and the application of science and technology related to their chosen industry and major in their home university.
2. Veterinary Assistant: Students will work for a licensed veterinarian in a private veterinary practice (large, small, companion or mixed) and will gain entry-level, hands-on experiences serving large and/or small animals. Students will learn about successful business management practices as well as the relationships to public health, biological sciences, and agriculture. This is not an opportunity to practice veterinary medicine or veterinary technology, but rather to learn practical skills working directly with these professions.